What I Make

(AKA the page for people deciding what kind of designer they need)


user research, mental models, empathy & affinity maps, useful personas

Deep understanding of what people need is where all service design (and product development) should start. You can have a great idea but if it’s really only a great idea for you, that’s all it is. To make something people will say, “I didn’t even know I needed this, but now I can’t live without it” in a way that’s meaningful, actually helpful in real life, and ecologically sustainable takes a better understanding of the people experiencing the issue you’re trying to work on. I am an expert at designing, leading and conducting research that does just that.

Service design blueprints & journey maps, design strategy, Journey Maps

  • In service design, we seek to create an orchestrated series of touchpoints that are infinitely personalizable for the people engaging with the service. This manifests in the physical world - in time and space - and so is not limited to software.

  • We also seek to design services that are supportable by the people and systems available to run them, which usually means there are some changes must be made if we’re working on an existing service.

  • In the world of software products, which are but one touchpoint in a fully designed service, we use the deliverables above to deeply understand what people need from software at that moment.

sketching & wireframing

If I’m designing an application, before we put a pixel on a screen or hook screens together, I sketch out the entire experience. This helps everyone understand that we're working together, that all questions can be asked and considered, and nothing is set in stone yet (which is frequently a problem with wireframes).


Fun and occasionally hard to make, I work individually (or with the team, as we iterate into what we're going to make) to create something that is at the correct fidelity to get the concept across clearly enough for a user to interact with and give feedback on it.


My work doesn't end at defining a product. I'm usually around to see through its creation with all of the other disciplines involved. Here's what I deliver to those discliplines:

Pattern Library: With visual design and front-end teams, I'll usually help define what the efficiencies and scalable

What I don't make

If I'm asked to create a visual design or build a front-end, you will not like what you get. Trust me on this one. I know enough about visual design and development to know that there are people vastly more skilled than me. I love working with those people. Those people are not me.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.11.15 PM.png

Front-end code

I know a lot about the front-end (and the back, for that matter) but really, you want a real front-end developer working with me on this.



I love working with designers, but I am not the person you want making your visual designs. You'll get painted wireframes, and nobody wants that.