What I Do

I work to make things better by making better things.



A few years ago, I stopped focusing on UX and moved my design practice into a different space, service design. It’s broader, seeking to address systems, as opposed to solving singular problems. As a discipline it also seeks to create solutions that work as well for consumers as it does for those who provide them.


Teams are relationships, and good relationships aren’t built overnight. A high functioning team requires empathy, trust, and being willing to rely on each other. That’s built by doing what we say we're going to do over time and setting expectations, boundaries and commitments we can meet. 

Teach, learn, help, grow

When I graduated from college, what I do wasn’t a job. Early in my working life I saw that this Internet thing could be a real job, and off I went. That length of experience and ability to survive and thrive in a pretty tough discipline has evolved into being someone who can teach others to do the same.

A few samples of my work